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National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Academy

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There are currently two YCA programs operating in Georgia, one at Fort Stewart and another at Fort Gordon. We are proud that Governor Nathan Deal announced the Central State Hospital campus for the proposed site for Georgia’s third Youth ChalleNGe Academy.

The National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program is an evidence-based program designed to provide opportunities to adolescents who have dropped out of school but demonstrate a desire to improve their potential for successful and productive lives.

In 1993, the National Guard founded the Youth ChalleNGe Program to give troubled youth the opportunity to turn their lives around. A voluntary, preventive program, the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program (NGYCP) helps young people improve their life skills, education levels and employment potential. Sixteen-to-18-year-old male and female high school dropouts are eligible to apply for the 17-month program, which includes a five-month residential phase followed by a 12-month mentoring phase. During the five month residential phase, students are put through educational programs to either attain their high school diploma or GED.

The Milledgeville Youth ChalleNGe Academy aims to revolutionize the YCA model. The Georgia Department of Defense and the CSH LRA have formed a partnership with Georgia Military College (GMC) based here in Milledgeville, Georgia. For the YCA students who finish their high school diploma before the end of the of their residential term, they will have the opportunity to begin classes at GMC. The goal of the Milledgeville YCA, GMC and the CSH LRA is for students to come out of the YCA program with one semester of their college education completed.

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