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Green Initiative

The CSH LRA formed the Green Initiative Committee to fully investigate possibilities for establishing within the Hospital’s vast 2,000 acre campus various forms of material recycling and proven renewable energy sources to include


-Community Solar Panel Farm
-Solar Thermal Application
-Waste to Energy Plant
-Biomass Fuels
-Material Recycling Transfer Station

The CSH LRA Board of Directors under the leadership of Chairwoman Quay Fuller have recognized the potential in developing any one or all of the above job creating projects. Initially the Green Initiative Committee will particularly focus on the erection of a ‘Community Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panel Farm.’

Community shared renewable energy is not a new idea, there are a number operating PV solar farms in operation in various locations throughout the U.S., and this form of renewable energy has become recognized as an environmentally friendly major electricity producer.

Meetings with experts from the Solar industry have taken place in the CSH LRA offices and all of the discussions so far have been both favourable and positive and included the possibility of establishing an on campus solar panel manufacturing facility.

The CSH LRA Board of Directors with its ‘Green Initiative Committee’ are all looking forward to the new year with much enthusiasm, and they are confident they will achieve positive and beneficial results for the redevelopment of CSH.