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CAPS – ATL Analytical Lab

CAPSThe Committee for Action Program Services (CAPS) is a non-profit Science and Technology Organization that is located in Cedar Hill, Texas. The primary objective of this organization is to offer professional development to K-12 Science Educators and enrichments programs for students who seek careers in the Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic (STEM) fields. CAPS-ATL held it’s first summer camp on Central State Hospital campus the summer of 2014. They had students from the local middle school and high school attend the interactive and educational session.

Message from the Chairman

As a Forensic Scientist and former Drug Enforcement Administrator Laboratory Director, I have an opportunity to effect and contribute to the justice system of this country. Through my years of speaking to undergraduate and graduate students, I have also had the chance to see the need and desire of directing students in the area of forensic science through the use of analytical chemistry.
Thus was the formation of the Committee for Action Program Services Analytical Training Laboratories, LLC (CAPS-ATL). Our mission is to provide STEM training and research opportunities for secondary/postsecondary students and educators. This training will come in the form of introducing students to analytical instrumentation through science fair projects in the fields of forensics and environmental science. Secondary educations students will be trained to use and interpret data from instrumentation that is used in the STEM disciplines. They will also work with teachers and university students in their development.

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