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Bostick Nursing Center

We are pleased to announce the first ever sale of land at the former Central State Hospital campus in Milledgeville, Georgia! The sale closed March 6th, 2014 and includes the former Bostick prison building and sixteen acres of land for development by CorrectHealth LLP. CorrectHealth LLP. is an Atlanta based company that specializes in correctional healthcare. The Bostick Nursing Center will be a 280-bed intermingled skilled nursing and intermediate care facility will serve special populations that currently have extremely limited access to skilled nursing and intermediate care services. These special populations are unable to receive reasonable, appropriate access to needed skilled nursing and intermediate care services, except through existing state-operated and taxpayer funded institutions that are not otherwise focused on the operation of nursing facilities. The Georgia Department of Community Health has fully vetted and validated this project through its certificate of need process.

The primary special population proposed to be served by the Bostick Nursing Center is comprised of medically fragile parolees that currently have limited access to skilled nursing and residential intermediate care outside the prison system. The size of this population of medically fragile, parole eligible inmates is large and growing rapidly, due, in part, to the aging of the inmate population. The number of inmates in state custody who are age 50 or over increased by an astounding 590.8% in the last twenty years and shows no sign of slowing.

The Bostick Nursing Center is currently under construction and plans to open in early 2016. For more information please see the links below.

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