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RFQ Master Plan Firm Selection

-Meeting is schedule with John Quinn prior to our March Board meeting to begin contract discussions.
-Goal would be to have a contract ready for Board review/approval in April.
-Timeline is 90 days for completion of Preliminary Vision Plan.
-Resources required is $15,000 and is in the budget


Green Projects & Solar Initiative

-Discussions have begun with Solar Zone LLC.
-Solar Zone LLC has made application to Georgia Power for solar generation allocation.
-Meeting with Georgia Power Econ Development March 15th.
-Tour of Department of Corrections Buildings (Kemper, Ingram & Holly) has been conducted to estimate demolition costs.
-Solar Zones LLC & CSH LRA operating agreement to be completed for Board review at April Board meeting
CSH LRA to submit grant request to EDA for project funding with Solar Zones LLC participation. (Submission deadline is June 15th)


Craig Center Closing

-Letter from Council, Commission and CSH LRA delivered to DBHDD last month.
-Met with Deputy Commissioner and waiting for a follow-up meeting later this month with DBHHD Staff.
-Goal is to establish a number of Group Homes in Baldwin County that would support patients from Central Georgia.
-Economic impact is for every Group Home established with/for Craig Center patients equals retention of 20 employees per Group Home.



-CAPS Team was in Milledgeville in February and met with local educators, toured Imerys Lab facilities in Washington County and evaluated real estate locations during the visit.
-CAPS Team will be back in Milledgeville April 1-4 for coordination meetings with us and the local education community.
-Wilkes Building has been determined as sufficient for initial CAPS facility.
-CAPS Team is coordinating a CAPS Summit for this summer to invite Congressional leaders and out of state education partners to visit Milledgeville.
-CSH LRA will have draft term sheet for review/acceptance by CAPS Team during April visit.


Kidd Building Project

-Visited Department of Correction’s leadership in Tifton last month.
-Toured Tift College renovation project and received briefing on process that resulted in relocation of DOC from Atlanta to Campus.
-DOC Leadership suggested bringing a group over to visit with select staff and discuss potential opportunity Kidd Building presents. Will coordinate April visit.



-Letter sent from Chairman of the Commissioners to State Property Commission to discuss opportunity to utilize the pool for public this summer.
-Supported by State property Commission but not supported by DBHDD as using State Agency.
-Concern by DBHDD is proximately to Cook Forensics patients in main building.
-We have asked about times that there are no patients proximate to the pool. (late afternoon, Fridays and weekends)
-Even if DBHDD gives on abbreviated usage resources still needed to repair (estimate is $18,000).


PTSD Facility

-No meetings with project manager since early February but did receive email request for meetings with VA Clinic and Community leaders later this month and coordinate those meetings based on availability.


Real Estate Leasing

-Three term sheets being completed for Jones 286, Chapel 3(Pastor Simmons/Outreach Ministry Church) and the Wilkes Building (CAPS/)DEA.
-Once completed after CAPS/DEA term sheets will be delivered to the State Property Commission for approval by their Board.
-Lease will be prepared based on the term sheets by the leasing staff of the State Property Commission.
-Board will be informed of projected execution date for leases after term sheets are delivered to the State property Commission.


Habitat for Humanity

-Initial discussions with Habitat CEO for potential project for eight residential units on west side of Jones Building
-Habitat CEO will review and submit a Letter of Intent
-Possible funding is HUD Section 108 funds, could mirror Durham NC model.


Walker Building

-No further action at this time based on EDA funding requirement for end user after renovation.


Other Potential Projects

-State Agency Relocations: Coordinating with Troutman Sanders for late month visit to select agencies in Atlanta.
-CSH Auditorium: Surplus and available if we can devise a revenue model to support operation.
-Kaolin Academy
-Bobby Parham Kitchen: Possible privatization with 30,000 chilled meal daily capacity(Schools, State Operations such as Cook Building and Prisons)
-Georgia Film Commission Projects: Georgia Entertainment Tax Credits