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Vision, Mission & Goals

Powell BuildingVision
To redevelopment Central State Hospital to become a green, thriving integrated campus environment that will appeal to clients who will then continue to invest in the community.

Develop economic strategies for the redevelopment of Central State Hospital, identify potential business opportunities and coordinate managing the development of the property with a focus on job creation, education and other economic development.

Innovation/ entrepreneurship, green eco-friendly, health care delivery, education/technology commercial distribution, private use.

Four Objectives
-Business Initiative
-Education Initiative
-Health Care Initiative
-Green Initiative

Green Eco-Friendly Initiative
Establish and successfully manage renewable energy initiatives.

Innovation/Entrepreneurship Initiative
Create center of innovation that facilitates exploration of new technologies and businesses.

Health Care Delivery Initiative
Explore the establishment of a multi-use health facility for potential nursing home and prison patients.

Georgia College Health Care Education Technology Initiative
Develop a center of excellence of delivering health care education, research and associated technologies.

Commercial Distribution Initiative
Develop an area that supports logistics, distribution and flexible warehousing for the site.

Private Use Initiative
Market the development of future properties for mixed use.